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QR Code Behaviour Management

I have spent a large amount of my teaching career in a BYOD class. I absolutely LOVE working in a class where the students have their own devices. It took some time to change my mindset on ‘what is teaching’ but now that I am in the flow of things, I feel that I am more inspired than ever with ways to use this technology in the classroom. Below is a Behaviour Management Method that I have used in a BYOD class. Sign up to The Touring Teacher Mail-list to get more resources like this one:

Behaviour Management Tips

When introducing a new Behaviour Management Strategy, I always make my Expectations clear. I choose rules and expectations for the students to follow. I pick these based on what I have noticed may not be a strong area for the children. For example: Time Management, Following Instructions, Listening when a person is talking, etc. Then, when the class knows the expectations, I go WAY over the top to point out when a student has achieved this expectation. Instead of just saying "great job", I would say "Liam is doing a wonderful job at following the instructions on the board". Not only does this remind the students that the instructions are on the board, but it reminds the students that it is one of our class expectations. A great way to positively reinforce these expectations, that you have come up with, is to give a positive reward. Read on to find out a great method of Behaviour Management...

Today, I am sharing an idea that is a digital version of another Behaviour Management system that I have seen. It is like a puzzle for the children: You will need two pieces of paper, one top, one bottom. On the bottom layer, there will be a QR code. You can have a QR code that will send to a fun video, a playlist of music, an online game, etc.

The top layer of paper can be cut up into different pieces, and stuck on top to hide the QR code. On the top layer pieces, you can write different ‘Good Behaviours’ that your students can achieve. If you make your expectations clear, then when you see a student/students achieving this expectation, they can take one of the top pieces of paper away to expose a part of the QR code. When the QR code is fully shown, then your students can scan the QR code to be lead to their reward.

You could have each student scan with their individual devices, or one student can scan with their device and share it to the screen. This would work if your school has iPads and Apple tv.

To get your FREE Resource, head over to Teachers Pay Teachers and start using the

QR Code Behaviour Management tool.

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