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Teaching Kids About Plants - Science Lesson

Here is how to use the ‘What Are Plants’ Lesson Video in your class.

Welcome to Part Two of The Touring Teacher Museum Series - What Are Plants?

In this video, I teamed up with Author Robert Vennell to learn all about the plants that surround us, and about what makes a plant, a plant.

In THIS Lesson Video, we learn about:

  • What Are Plants?

  • What Are The Different Parts Of A Plant?

  • What Are The Different Types Of Plants?

The Lesson Rundown:

Whether you are learning about Plants, writing non-fiction texts, or just interested to learn about scientific topics, this Lesson Video is the one for you! In this Blog Post, I will discuss the ways in which you can use this Lesson Video in your class.

  • Watch the video the whole way through. In the video are the different learning points, then discussion times where students can look at video clips to see of they can figure out what different types of plants they are seeing.

  • You can use THESE resources with your students, where they can explore and find the different parts of a plant, and the different types of plants around your school or community. You can purchase this resource on Teachers Pay Teachers or if you would like to get this resource for FREE then: sign up to our Mail List, and follow us on Facebook, and comment on our latest post with #whatareplants

  • If you are currently working on non-fiction texts, then this video gives the perfect amount of information for your class to use. They can watch the video, then take down notes, then write the information in their own words. There are two different topics that could be written about with this Lesson Video: An explanation about the ‘Different Parts of a Plant’, and an explanation about the ‘Four Main Types of Plants’.

  • Your class can do scientific diagrams and labels. This Lesson Video has broken down the key information, and paired it with simple to follow visuals, that your class will be able to draw a diagram of a plant, and label the different parts, while including the information about each part.

  • You and your class could go on an adventure to compare the different sizes of Roots, Stems, and Leaves on different plants around your school. You can find the different types of plants that have the biggest/smallest leaves, or the plant that has a bendy stem/hard tree trunk. These comparisons show the children how very different types of plants all have the same parts, they just look different - just like us humans!

I hope that you enjoy this Lesson Video, and have a fun time completing the activities. Remember to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, and subscribe to the Mail List for the free Resource for this Lesson Video.

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