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Top 10 Videos For Teaching ANZAC

ANZAC Soldiers running from a trench at Gallipoli, 1915

Here are my Top 10 favourite videos for teaching your class about the ANZACs ahead of ANZAC Day on April 25. You can of course CLICK HERE to watch my video on the history and importance of ANZAC Day (and make sure you Subscribe to The Touring Teacher Youtube Channel while you're there!)

These videos can be used as inspiration for Writing, Research Lessons, or as a Prior Knowledge Activity. As these videos are all about the tragedy of war, some of the content can be quite advanced, so some of these videos would be better suited for Year 5 and 6 classes.

Here They Come - A Day To Remember

This video, by the Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs, explores the stories of different characters on ANZAC Day. It is designed to help primary students understand the significants, and importance of ANZAC commemorations.

Fast Facts - New Zealand: The First World War

Facts Facts is a video series produced by the Auckland War Memorial Museum for students and teachers. This video gives a brief overview of the First World War from a New Zealand perspective, exploring key dates, battles, and casualties.

Fast Facts - World War One: Trench Life

Another Fast Facts video by the Auckland War Memorial Museum. 'World War One: Trench Life' explores what it was like for the soldiers fighting in the trenches, and looks at the horrible conditions, strategies, and technological advancements made.

What Is ANZAC Day? ANZAC Day History & Facts For Kids, Families & Schools

This infographic style video gives a great overview of the important aspects of the Gallipoli Campaign. It focuses on the timeline of events, key dates, and ultimately why ANZAC Day came to be commemorated on April 25th.

Anzac Special: The Gallipoli Story

This video published by Behind The News, focuses on the Gallipoli Campaign in more detail, and includes archival footage, as well as interviews with soldiers. This video also contains a link to a great Teaching Resource that could easily be used in both Australian and New Zealand schools.

The Poppy Story (Early Years)

This video explores the symbolism behind the Poppy, why we wear them, and what they mean. 'The Poppy Story' is targeted at a younger age group, so it perfect for those Year 1 - 3 students.

ANZAC Ted Video

If you've ever read the book ANZAC Ted, you will be familiar with this video. Here, we hear the book read aloud, accompanied by images of the book's illustrations. This is great to show your students if you weren't fast enough to loan ANZAC Ted from the school library!

The Donkey Of Gallipoli

This is a similar video to ANZAC Ted, the story of The Donkey Of Gallipoli is read aloud, as the narrator flicks through the pages. Again, great if you don't have access to the book. Use this story as background knowledge for the video below.

Simpson and his Donkey - The Donkey of Gallipoli

This video contains images and photos from the Gallipoli Campaign, set to a song about the First World War.

What Is ANZAC Day?

Finally, make sure you head over to my very own video about the history of ANZAC Day.

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